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If you are, then Anancy eBooks is your doorway to the world. Whether you are a published writer or a beginner, we can be a new marketplace for you and your work.

First Time Authors

For new writers, you will keep and maintain total control of your prices and copyrights. You’ll have an Author’s Page for your bio with an overview of each of your books. You’ll also have a blog to launch your individual Marketing campaign. This is clearly different from and in addition to Anancy eBooks’ free Marketing efforts on your behalf. With your personal information and the unique Search Terms you’ll provide, Anancy eBooks will constantly market online for you. This is a free service to you. Additionally, you can, for a prearranged cost, add your books to the Featured Authors, Featured eBooks, or the New Arrivals sections on our Home Page. We invite you to create a free Authors Registration Account and let us become acquainted with you and your work. Immediately, Anancy eBooks will get the ball srolling for you.

Marketing/Search Terms

Anancy eBooks will relentlessly peruse our promised of online Marketing at no direct cost to you. We do ask you, however, to provide us with appropriate Search Terms that are applicable to you and your work. These key, Search Terms may start with your name and title(s), and should be extended to between 15 and 20 words that are strongly tied to your digital content and will attract internet traffic to your work. You should give very serious time and consideration to the choice of your Search Terms since, to a large extent, your Marketing success may depend exclusively on them. To extend your personal Marketing efforts, you’ll also have your own Anancy eBooks’ Author’s Page, your private email address, access to popular networking sites, along with free and unlimited use of Anancy eBooks’ Community Forums.

Pricing and Genre

While a well-orchestrated marketing campaign is essential for survival in our highly competitive ebook environment, a well-chosen pricing strategy is also of critical importance. At Anancyebooks you, the author, are in full control of your price and genre. We do ask, however, that before you finalize the price of your work you do a thorough survey of similar books within your genre. Although your book is unique, there is still genre and author competition. Here are a few suggestions though not by far a complete list of some factors to keep in mind: your competitor’s name recognition and list price, your particular subject matter and treatment, your page count, digital size, audience, launch date and overall marketing strategy. It is perhaps better to err by setting a lower starting price. You, the author, are in complete control of choosing your price and genre. Anancyebooks, however, may reject your book, if in our opinion, it is deemed overpriced.

Front Page Exposure

Please see: Featured Authors, Featured eBook Titles, eBook Bundles, New Arrivals, Editor’s Choice and Just Reduced, for additional information and access to our exclusive Front Page. Although Anancy eBooks offers free internet Marketing, we do believe that the additional exposure from having your book(s) on our Front Page can be an invaluable asset in extending your web presence and appeal. Please Contact Us to learn how.

Publisher’s Pick

Just imagine having your work a title of your very own choosing, along with your photo displayed on the flash section of Anancy eBooks’ Front Page. One click of your image or book will take the reader to your own Author’s Page. Imagine how effective that would be. You will actually be in the position to grow your audience. Please Contact Us for additional information and pricing. Let us show the world your masterpiece.

Editor’s Choice

Anancy eBooks has many ways and price structures to assist authors in marketing their books. The Editor’s Choice section of Anancy eBooks’ Front Page may be our most cost effective method of offering your work to our international audience. We make no promises of sales, expressed or implied. However, we do believe that with your name and your title on our Front Page, many new readers will continually see your book. This is exactly what all authors need! Since your name and title will also link to your Author’s Page, readers should gain a deeper understanding of you and your work. This is what Anancy eBooks can do for you. Please Contact Us and let us show you how to best market you and your book.

What’s Your Starting Point?

Is your first manuscript ready? Weather it is in Microsoft Word format or equivalent (AppleWorks, Word Perfect, etc.), whether it has been converted into an Adobe format or equivalent, we can help. Anancy eBooks will create a complete ebook with your cover design instructions. Anancy eBooks will compile your manuscript and make it ebook ready. Each work is priced depending on the length of the text, its cover design features, and graphic (drawings, graphs, illustrations or photographs, etc.) content. Our price quotes are free! Please Contact Us and let us begin.


Our authors are paid monthly at a net 70% of your list price for the books we publish and sell for you. Anancy eBooks pays all of the merchandizing fees. If, for example, the price of your ebook as published and listed by Anancy eBooks is $10.00, then you, the author, receive $7.00. You will also receive, via email, a monthly breakdown of the sales of each book sold during that period. The same 70% compensation rule applies if your book is sold by any of our Affiliates. Using the same sale price of $10.00 for your book as listed by us, if it is sold by the XKZ affiliate ebook store and XKZ pays Anancy eBooks 50%, or $5.00, from the sale of your book, then we will pay you 70% of the $5.00, or $3.50. We hope to keep it simple and straightforward. In this case, you’ll be paid in the month when Anancy eBooks receives compensation for your work from our Affiliate, and not necessarily in the month of the sale.

Affiliate Program

Anancy eBooks does work with various digital-media Affiliates from both the software and hardware industries. We will abide with the Marketing arrangements of all our Affiliates. In addition, we ask you to Contact Us and share your ideas and suggestions. Here at Anancy eBooks, your opinions, suggestions, and ideas are always welcome.


One of our requirements is that your work has been proofread and edited prior to submission. Anancy eBooks reserves the right to reject any work that it deems (see Terms and Conditions) to fall below certain known and acceptable writing standards. Anancy eBooks will also not publish or market works that it deems to be socially unacceptable (for example, works from terrorists, hate groups, works that are plagiarized, or any work with any appearance of illegality). You, the author, are responsible for ensuring that your works meet all the publishing and marketing requirements of Anancy eBooks as stated herein.

Published Authors

If your are a published writer, Anancy eBooks would love to work with you! Just send us your finished manuscript in Adobe or equivalent format, including front and back cover. We will add your book to our database. Of course, you must first complete our free Registration process so we can become better acquainted with you and your work. You’ll receive all the Marketing privileges of our First Time Authors. Additionally, Anancy eBooks will honor all prior agreements you’ve made with other ebook outlets and our Affiliates. Please complete the Author Registration form linked to Are You An Author and let’s begin. With Anancy eBooks, you retain all your ownership rights along with all selling/Marketing rights in which you have already entered. Please Contact Us. We welcome your ideas, questions and suggestions.

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Anancy eBooks: �A full service publishing and marketing enterprise helping authors write, publish, market, and sell eBooks.

Anancy Books serves published writers, new authors, publishers, and editors of folklore, mythology, cultural, and mind-body-spirit genres. Anancy eBooks is a premier ebook�Publishing, Marketing, and online�Sales�enterprise. Our purpose is to give your writing, whether ebook fiction of ebook nonfiction, a brand new web-life. We are a full-service, technology-driven, book and ebook company with services ranging from graphic book-cover design and manuscript compilation to online�Sales. Using the latest advances in digital ebook science, Anancy eBooks will take your edited manuscript, book and ebook, including graphics, and successively transform them into a complete and prized ebook of unsurpassed quality. Whether you�ve just finished your first manuscript, book or ebook or you�re a published ebook author, Anancy eBooks will be delighted to serve you. With your own well-chosen Search Terms, Anancy eBooks will aggressively market your ebook and book titles at no out-of-pocket cost to you. We cannot and will not promise you any success. Anancy eBooks will, however, guarantee you our very best work. So come on board� join us. Complete your free�ebook and author Registration�and be on your way to an exciting internet ebook experience of Publishing, Marketing, and�Sales�with Anancy eBooks!

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Anancy Enterprise is our Retail Center for Paperback, Hardcover Books, Music, DVDs and Movies. We also carry books and ebooks � fiction and nonfiction of all genres. Anancybooks or Anancyebooks will remain your eBooks publishing center. As before, Anancyebooks will continue to compile, publish and market your ebooks � serving ebook authors and ebook readers alike. In short, Anancyebooks will serve all your eBook needs. We�ll bring you: Anancy Stories (Anansi Stories or Ananzi Stories), Children books and ebooks, Adult books and ebooks, Folklore books and ebooks, Fictional books and ebooks, Nonfictional books and ebooks, High School Textbooks in both books and ebook formats, College Textbooks in book and ebook formats, Book Cover Design for all genres of books � fiction and nonfiction books and ebooks, eBook and book marketing and book and eBook Sales. Thank you for visiting Anancy Enterprise where you�ll shop and save. We carry professional books and ebooks in all fields: Medial books and ebooks, Agricultural books and ebooks, Engineering books and ebooks, Fictional books and ebooks, Nonfictional books and ebooks, as well as genre movies, genre music, and genre DVDs.

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